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SF Wednesday

Wednesday was Alcatraz Day! Got up ... ate more Sour dough bread and then wandered over to the pier. Bought our tickets for later in the day. We explored pier 39. I could have sat and watched the sea lions all day. I'm sure they are annoying to locals... but I love them! They are fat and lay in the sun all day. Living the dream! Alcatraz was about one of the coolest things we did on vacation. It took over 30 minutes to dock the damn boat. ..must have been the drivers first day. Everyone cheered when we finally docked and hadn't died! It was so cold. The temp on alcatraz island had to be like 15-20 degrees lower than the main land. Freezing!! The tour was pretty sweet. You go up the hill and into the prison portion. You can headphones and your tour is self-guided. Sounded lame at first. The audio tour is narrated by former guards and prisoners. They describe the living conditions and attempted breaks at the prison. Bone chilling at some points. They said that the island is close enough that the prisoners could hear New Years Eve across the bay in San Francisco. So close, yet so far away. Dave now wants to write a screenplay for the Battle of Alcatraz. I was also making the joke all day .. Phil Hartman from 'So I Married an Axe Murderer' ... "Hello, everyone. I am a park ranger and I will be leading you on the tour. All of the park rangers here at Alcatraz were at one time guards, myself included. My name is John Johnson, but everyone here calls me Vicky." Vicky's the best! ... I know dude. It was cool because one of the rangers was showing a new intern how to open and close the cell doors. So ... we stood, watched and listened to them opening and "slamming" all the cell doors at once. It was cool. The ranger makes mention that George Lucas thought that the slamming doors sound at alcatraz was so intimidating that the sound actually accompanies Darth Vader anytime he enters a room/scene in all his movies. ...ever so slightly.
We get back to San Fran from Alcatraz and warm back up. Seriously .. it was freezing over there! We stroll around for a bit more and then head back for a nap. We decided to make this one of our big nights out. We hop the street car downtown to Tyler Florence's new restaurant The Wayfare Tavern. http://www.wayfaretavern.com/ It was incredible. I think it was hands down the best meal we've ever ever .....ever had. EVER! We had a cute table by the fireplace. You could watch the open air kitchen from here too. It was very upscale food in a very unpretencious way. We ordered beer and cider. Dave had the organic fried chicken - buttermilk brine, roasted garlic, crisp woody herbs, lemon with a side of baked Mac & Cheese - Jack cheese, garlic breadcrumbs, chive & smoked olive oil. The best and most fattening mac and cheese I've ever tasted. I ordered grilled santa maria tri-tip steak - slow roasted heirloom onions, truffle butter, crisp Kennebec potatoes. I dream about this meal. We ordered desert too ... chocolate mousse - TCHO chocolate, late season figs, crisp potatoes. It was like little tiny potato chips on top. Gross right ... WRONG. Nothing tastes better than salted chocolate. It was delicious! .... I want to go to San Fran again just to eat that meal!!!! Dinner was a two hour or more experience ... we talked about it ... we still talk about it. ahhhh

Well ... speaking of food. I'm super excited for tomorrow. My parents arrived last night. We met up with the Modlin/ McGaughey side of the family last night at Boulder Creek. Lots of fun. My parents are coming over tonight. I'm making stuffed green pepper soup, served over rice. It's yummy! I have a bit of cooking to do tonight ... deviled eggs for Linda's at noon and chocloate peanut butter pie for Grove's at 6pm. Yes! Two thanksgivings. It's a tummy full.


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