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Come on Spring... I'm tired of this stupid winter crap. Work is rolling along. I'm actually taking time to update my journal b/c a got a few big projects off my back this morning. ahhh, feels good! I'm definately feeling a lot more on top of things than I did last year. Maybe I won't have to work late as often or as many weekend. ...knock on wood as I eat my words later.

I'm starving ... do I eat my canned vegetable soup ..or go out?


I had the most super awesome wonderful fantastic weekend in like forever. Marie and Corey came down. We:
* Watched crud on TV
* Played the new Apples to Apples travel addition they got us! All new trump cards! Flying Squirrels!!!!!!!!!
* Drank Irish coffees from the magic coffee dispenser
* went to the 3 Wise Men brewery in Broad Ripple. holla for Blackbery Wheat beer! ... I have pictures to prove how exciting it was. Met up with John and Steph.
* When we couldn't get a table to order food, we stumbled into the closest Thai restaurant we could find. I had Thai for the first time : Laad Nar yummyness! According to everyone in the group it was like the best Thai ever... either that or we were all really hungry and kinda drunk.
* Off to the show. EVERYONE was there. It sold out!!!! FOR REALZ!
*The room went apeshit for out OpIvy cover so that was fun. I think we played pretty goods!
* I danced my ass off with Marianne all night!

It all pretty much ruled. ... except for sleezy mohawk guy. He didn't rule. I guess when I wasn't looking a bunch of people bought shots for DaveGrove. Dave talked to Bucket and he recognized him! Hugged all of the following: Thom, Megs, the rest of my band, Marie, Corey, Craig, some girl I didn't know but got my picture taken with?, the Danville crew.

Went home and crashed. Got up on Sunday morning and we all went to Charlie Brown's for big-ass breakfast and all were satisfied. I wish Corey and MArie didn't have to go home ever. :(

SF Wednesday

Wednesday was Alcatraz Day! Got up ... ate more Sour dough bread and then wandered over to the pier. Bought our tickets for later in the day. We explored pier 39. I could have sat and watched the sea lions all day. I'm sure they are annoying to locals... but I love them! They are fat and lay in the sun all day. Living the dream! Alcatraz was about one of the coolest things we did on vacation. It took over 30 minutes to dock the damn boat. ..must have been the drivers first day. Everyone cheered when we finally docked and hadn't died! It was so cold. The temp on alcatraz island had to be like 15-20 degrees lower than the main land. Freezing!! The tour was pretty sweet. You go up the hill and into the prison portion. You can headphones and your tour is self-guided. Sounded lame at first. The audio tour is narrated by former guards and prisoners. They describe the living conditions and attempted breaks at the prison. Bone chilling at some points. They said that the island is close enough that the prisoners could hear New Years Eve across the bay in San Francisco. So close, yet so far away. Dave now wants to write a screenplay for the Battle of Alcatraz. I was also making the joke all day .. Phil Hartman from 'So I Married an Axe Murderer' ... "Hello, everyone. I am a park ranger and I will be leading you on the tour. All of the park rangers here at Alcatraz were at one time guards, myself included. My name is John Johnson, but everyone here calls me Vicky." Vicky's the best! ... I know dude. It was cool because one of the rangers was showing a new intern how to open and close the cell doors. So ... we stood, watched and listened to them opening and "slamming" all the cell doors at once. It was cool. The ranger makes mention that George Lucas thought that the slamming doors sound at alcatraz was so intimidating that the sound actually accompanies Darth Vader anytime he enters a room/scene in all his movies. ...ever so slightly.
We get back to San Fran from Alcatraz and warm back up. Seriously .. it was freezing over there! We stroll around for a bit more and then head back for a nap. We decided to make this one of our big nights out. We hop the street car downtown to Tyler Florence's new restaurant The Wayfare Tavern. http://www.wayfaretavern.com/ It was incredible. I think it was hands down the best meal we've ever ever .....ever had. EVER! We had a cute table by the fireplace. You could watch the open air kitchen from here too. It was very upscale food in a very unpretencious way. We ordered beer and cider. Dave had the organic fried chicken - buttermilk brine, roasted garlic, crisp woody herbs, lemon with a side of baked Mac & Cheese - Jack cheese, garlic breadcrumbs, chive & smoked olive oil. The best and most fattening mac and cheese I've ever tasted. I ordered grilled santa maria tri-tip steak - slow roasted heirloom onions, truffle butter, crisp Kennebec potatoes. I dream about this meal. We ordered desert too ... chocolate mousse - TCHO chocolate, late season figs, crisp potatoes. It was like little tiny potato chips on top. Gross right ... WRONG. Nothing tastes better than salted chocolate. It was delicious! .... I want to go to San Fran again just to eat that meal!!!! Dinner was a two hour or more experience ... we talked about it ... we still talk about it. ahhhh

Well ... speaking of food. I'm super excited for tomorrow. My parents arrived last night. We met up with the Modlin/ McGaughey side of the family last night at Boulder Creek. Lots of fun. My parents are coming over tonight. I'm making stuffed green pepper soup, served over rice. It's yummy! I have a bit of cooking to do tonight ... deviled eggs for Linda's at noon and chocloate peanut butter pie for Grove's at 6pm. Yes! Two thanksgivings. It's a tummy full.

SF Vaca wrap-up Monday - Tuesday.

First off. SCREW Frontier Airlines! Of course bags are no longer complimentaty. I anticipated that. We were 6 pounds over on one bag = an extra $75! Seriously. I wanted to right then and there open both of our bags and switch items but Dave Grove just wanted to be done with it and away from their counter and snarky-ness. So I bitched about that for the next hour. Great way to start the trip. We had a short layover in Denver. It was about 5 hours of flying total. The time definatly screwed with me. We took off from Indy at like 6am and essentially landed in San Fran at 10am ... even though it was like afternoon to our minds. We hopped a cab from the airport to our condo in downtown/wharf area San Fran. We were starving and ventured out for a bite. We just ended up eating at some crab place near the wharf. We also discovered Boudin Bakery down by the wharf. We went through 3 loaves of sour dough bread during the week. It was crazy good! They actually have a vent that releases the bread smell onto the sidewalk and passersby. We were hooked!

After food we both totally crashed for awhile. Our condo was adorable!! http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p282818
The owner greeted us at the condo and showed us around. She gave us water and all kinds of maps and info on the area. She even called the next day to see how we were doing. We went on a walking adventure after our nap to the Russian Hill neighborhood. Apparently we end of climbing one of the steepest hills in San Fran .. or as I called it "The Hill of Death". Yeah, we didn't do that again. So we ended up at some neightborhood joint ... Yabbies I think? It was very seafood/mediterranean. Dave had these fish and shrimp tacos and I had grilled shrimp with pesto gnocchi. The National league searies finals were going on while we were there. (they ended up going on to win the World Series!) We stopped at a neighborhood bar on our way home. Everyone was gather on the sidewalk outside the bar because there was no more room inside. There was two cop cars double parked so they could watch the end of the game. Home to bed!

Got up early-ish on Tuesday.... ate our sour dough for breakfast and then headed around the corner to the bike shop. We rented bike and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. It's nice because you automatically get a ticket for the Ferry to come back across the bay. Yeah... I'm kind of a fatty. There was a lot of up hill biking to get to the bridge. Everything was fine one we actually got on the bridge though. We looked so cute in our little helmets. The decent into Sausalito was scary as most bike paths are now gone. I was white knuckles the whole way. Once we got to Sausalito we put up the bikes and headed over to the smoothie shop for a cool down. Ah... hello California all natual smoothies! We headed back on the Ferry ...which was awesome. We watched a battleship go under the Golden Gate Bridge. We headed back and took a nap. We were both exhaused. We again adventured out to explore a neighborhood and went to North Beach "little Italy". We are dinner at this ADORABLE Italian place. ... its was tiny and had like 15 tables in total. We had wine and bread ...dinner was probably about a 2 hour affair. I wish I could remember the name of it. We stopped in a pub for a bit before heading home. Dave is now in love with Anchor Steam beer... a local brew.
I'm lap swimming alone tonight. :( Davegrove hurt his back again. I keep telling him to go to the doctor. ...yeah,whatever. I wish MotoGP woudl just get here already. This event is so different from the other two. They are more in control on this one ... so each day is an adventure. yeah! (sarcastic yeah)

Our first show with Jon is this Saturday. I'm soooooooooo excited. He's gonna do great! I think we play around 4 in the afternoon. Come and cheer for Jonny Malcontent! Hopefully it's not raining. :O

Having an IMS type get together on Friday night. Fun and alcohol should be had by all.

Ok. I had better do work now. boooo!

lap swim

We just got back from lap swim... ahhh, that was great! I love swimming. Unfortunately it's the only exercise I enjoy. mostly. So ... just when I think I know everything about DaveGrove. ...been together for about 8 years. Apparently instead of just blowing his air out underwater ... he scream-blows the air out. Anytime I was stopped or using the kickboard I was dying laughing. It seriously sounded like a cartoon character drowning.

Jun. 29th, 2010

I do have to say that I love how much Dave and I cook together. ...and that Dave is becoming a wonderful chef! Last night we made Teriyaki Salmon on the grill with a warm spinach salad. I made the dressing from scratch, it's kind of a catalina with a bit more kick. (fresh garlic and apple cider vinegar). mmmmm!

I'm meetimg the 05 credential girls for dinner tonight. Then Wednesday making roasted chicken and a green salad with strawberries, walnuts, feta and raspberry vinegrette. I know.. Jen, what's with all the salad. One, it's summer!!!! Two, I think in the last year I've realized that I've always liked salad, but just hated iceberg lettuce. What a fool I've been! Can you tell I'm hungry and ready for lunch? Jana, Lora and I are going to lunch at Mazatlan! weee! Good mexican on the patio. We need to get all caught up on Lora's honeymoon and whatnot.

Have I mentioned that I'm ready for the NASCAR race to just be here already? All this planning! My pit credentials arrvied yesterday so that's a big relief. Now I'm just waiting on garage creds. Other than that... I think I'm ready to roll. ..so let's get here already!

Dave and I are joining Thom and Meg for the Indians game for the 4th of July. That should be a blast. ....hrm, do we want to grill before hand or no?

Jun. 21st, 2010

Wow. It's really been since April. My life has totally been centered around work. But jen ...then how are you writing this on a Monday? Well... I went to a tanning bed on Saturday and then an outdoor wedding where I continued to bake even further. I'm home sick with a sunburn. Yes, a sunburn. I'm naucious... woke up with crusty eyes and really just can't stand to wear any clothes above my waist right now. It sucks bad. ...unless you are Dave.

Life is starting to return to semi-normal. I'm still hella busy preparing for the brickyard. ...I'm already working on plans for MotoGP ... so that's helping. I've been missing a lot of friends. ... I really need some Thom/Meg/Marie/Corey/Dono/Mandi/Rusty/Jamie time!!

Oh yeah.. the wedding. My friend Lora from IMS... got married. She was the intern that went with me to DAllas a few years back. The wedding was uber gorgeous. It was at a small church like seriously in the middle of nowhere. The reception was at her parents house. ... because they had a tent and everything there was nowhere to park the cars. Soooo.. they had everyone park at the church and the rented a little trolly to take everyone to the reception. It was adorable!!! Peach sangria... red velvet care...she knew how to plan a party!!! ...seriously though... the ceremony and Lora was just stunning.

ok ... and I'm going back to the couch now. ta!
My office opens tomorrow. I went in yesterday and I think we're ready. Next weekend is my last weekend of freedom before 34 days straight!!!! I'd like to have some sort of cook out dealy here at the house to celebrate before my social life ends. Wait ... we might have a show next weekend. Sheesh, I don't even know anymore!! I'm just exhausted thinking about how much I'm going to be working. Dave and I will definately need to plan so sort of mini-vacation in early June.

Went to see Brian Posain at crackers on Friday night. Twas hilarious... nothing like a comic book/star wars/ metal head geek doing dick and fart jokes!
While standing in our driveway, I look up the street and see a 2-year-old girl standing in the road. I run and pick her up and move her. She can't tell me anything about herself but points to the goose she was chasing near a retention pond. Luckily another neighbor comes out and seeing me holding her and knows where she belongs. Her mother runs out and sees what has happened. I'm so shaken up and out of breath from the shock of seeing a baby in the road!!! ... and sprint up the street. .....wow. That just happened.

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